JenTower; Jena

Workshop: Private property and public commons – narrowing the gap

Workshop with Mercator-Fellow Klaus Bosselmann

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Kino am Markt; Jena

Film series “Property in View”

Film presentation of Bajo la Sal (Argentina/Austria 2021) with introduction of Anne Tittor

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Stadtlab; Jena

Wealth in the ecological crisis: no right life in the wrong property

Lecture by Prof. Sighard Neckel (University of Hamburg), followed by a discussion with Prof. Silke van Dyk (FSU Jena)

Wealth plays a major role in causing climate change. Not only because of massive overconsumption, but above all because of the investments made by the wealthy upper classes in a fossil fuel economy, which has caused climate change on the planet in the first place. This raises the question of a property system that would be suitable for protecting the ecological foundations of life and could be based on the consent of broad sections of the population. No fact illustrates the limits of private property rights as dramatically as the threat to the Earth system.

JenTower; Jena

Author's workshop: Neoliberalism’s Playground? Post-Socialist Transformations in Central European Context

The workshop will take place from 10 am to 6 pm in the SFB seminar room in the JenTower. For further information and registration please contact Florian Peters.

Volkshaus; Jena

International Annual Conference "Beyond (Private) Property"

At the conference in Jena, we will discuss different forms of ownership that cannot be reduced to private property - which is dominant in modern societies - and ask about possibilities for organizing social relations in a non-property form or beyond private property.

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