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Title: The Concept of Property in Kant, Fichte, and Hegel
Author: Jacob Blumenfeld
December 2023

About the book

This book provides a detailed account of the role of property in German Idealism. It puts the concept of property in the center of the philosophical systems of Kant, Fichte, and Hegel and shows how property remains tied to their conceptions of freedom, right, and recognition.

The book begins with a critical genealogy of the concept of property in modern legal philosophy, followed by a reconstruction of the theory of property in Kant’s Doctrine of Right, Fichte’s Foundations of Natural Right, and Hegel’s Jena Realphilosophie. By turning to the tradition of German Rechtsphilosophie as opposed to the more standard libertarian and utilitarian frameworks of property, it explores the metaphysical, normative, political, and material questions that make property intelligible as a social relation. The book formulates a normative theory of property rooted in practical reason, mutual recognition, and social freedom. This relational theory of property, inspired by German Idealism, brings a fresh angle to contemporary property theory. Additionally, it provides crucial philosophical background to 19th-century debates on private property, inequality, labor, socialism, capitalism, and the state.

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Title: Theorien des digitalen Kapitalismus
Authors: Tanja Carstensen, Simon Schaupp, Sebastian Sevignani
November 2023

About the book

Is capitalism changing fundamentally in the face of the current digitalization push? Theoretical analyses and diagnoses of the times that are dedicated to characterizing digital capitalism are certainly in vogue. For the first time, this anthology brings together various relevant diagnoses of the times and conceptual approaches in the fields of work, economics, politics and the public sphere, culture and subjects, and reflects the current state of the debate on digital capitalism.

The antology contains contributions by Emma Dowling, Helen Hester, Ursula Huws, Kylie Jarrett, Oliver Nachtwey, Nick Srnicek, Philipp Staab and Jamie Woodcock.


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Title: Nach dem Privateigentum? Güter, Infrastrukturen und Weltverhältnisse im Kapitalismus des 21. Jahrhunderts.
Authors: Silke van DykTilman ReitzHartmut Rosa
June 2024

About the book

Political conflicts over the distribution of property, precarious infrastructures, technological developments and economic and ecological crises suggest a structural change in property in the 21st century. The contributions in this volume analyse this change from a sociological perspective. They focus in particular on non-industrial goods - from knowledge and information to land and property - as well as collective contributions and infrastructures that increasingly determine capitalist economies. Although private property is more powerful than ever after decades of deregulation and concentration, it is facing a serious crisis and is being supplemented by new orders of access and division, which are also shifting individual and collective world relations.

Cover Leben auf Kredit
Title: Leben auf Kredit. Menschen, Macht und Schulden in den USA vom Ende der Sklaverei bis in die Gegenwart
Author: Felix Krämer
June 2024

About the book

Debt characterises the lives of millions of people in the USA. Felix Krämer sets out in search of their stories from 1865 to the present day. It becomes clear that Black Americans in particular, but also women, workers and migrants, were repeatedly exposed to higher credit risks or unbearable conditions. Such differences are addressed with the term "debt difference". The book demonstrates this through various forms of debt such as the system of sharecropping after the end of slavery, images of loan sharks or property debt and traces how student debt and credit card practices brought neoliberalism into people's everyday experiences. With its focus on precarisation through debt, the book uncovers a production line of the "wealth gap" in the USA and thus fills a gap in the new history of capitalism.

east asian ethical life
Title: East Asian Ethical Life and Socio-Economic Transformation in the Twenty-First Century. The Ethical Sources of the Entrepreneurial Renewal of Companies and Communities
Authors: Carsten Herrmann-PillathQian Zhao
June 2024

About the book

This book considers ethical culture in East Asia, examines the impact it has had on economic and social transformation, and explores what effect it might have on solving current problems. It views the ethical culture of East Asia, that is, the beliefs, values, and practices that define East Asian societies’ conceptions of ethics in everyday life, as different from what pertains in the West, with more emphasis in East Asia on respect for ancestors, concern about propriety of behaviour, and notions of community. The book discusses how these particular East Asian values are being applied, for example, in family businesses, and how they might further be applied to solve current crucial challenges for humanity, such as climate change, ageing, and persistent inequality, challenges that are not being solved by an exclusive focus on economic growth alone. The book includes a consideration of ethical innovation, for example, distinct forms of ecological ethics enshrined in newly emerging economic organizations, such as social entrepreneurship.

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Edited by Silke van Dyk, Tilman Reitz and Hartmut Rosa

The series emerged from the Collaborative Research Centre "Structural Change of Property" funded by the German Research Foundation. It brings together outstanding academic work on the history, present and future of property from an interdisciplinary perspective. It is based on the assumption that the institution of private property is coming under increasing pressure in the face of intensified distribution conflicts, new digital productive forces and the crises of social and ecological reproduction and is confronted with alternatives.

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Here you will find an overview of the Journal Articles published in the SFB 294 “Structural Change of Property”.


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