SFB Blog “Transformation of Property”

The SFB Blog “Transformation of Property” provides an interdisciplinary public platform through which we share thoughts on property relations in contemporary and past societies. We offer a wide spectrum of views, comments, interpretations, and opinions on all property-related topics from the perspectives of history, law, economics, politics, sociology, and anthropology. We also present and discuss alternative property arrangements and institutions, including indigenous or decolonial perspectives. The blog aims at both an academic community and an interested non-academic public and welcomes wide engagement with our property research from academic and broader public.

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Michael McCullough. Source: Flickr, License: CC BY 2.0

Quo vadis Nagoya Protocol? Access-and-benefit sharing of genetic resources of biodiversity in times of digitalization

Authors: Eduardo Relly, Leoni Schlender, Anne Tittor


Holidays as divine property: Moving symbols of ownership from the countryside into the city

Author: Jörg Rüpke


Who owns and controls the means of reproduction? Assisted fertility and pregnancy as a multi-billion dollar market

Authors: Zelda Wenner, Irina Herb


The tragedy of population policies: how Garrett Hardin inspired extreme policies against reproductive choices

Author: Roman Birke


“America’s original identity politics”: on historical interconnections of property, race and identity politics

Author: Jürgen Martschukat