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Film series “Property in View”

Film presentation of Bajo la Sal (Argentina/Austria 2021) with introduction of Anne Tittor

About the film

Bajo La Sal, Argentina/Austria 2021, introduction by Anne Tittor, sociologist, University of Jena. The increased global demand for lithium has led to a large number of new mining projects in the Andes in recent years. These in turn raise expectations among the local people, but also create new conflicts over land, water and the preservation of indigenous ways of life. The documentary film examines the various conflict constellations and the social and ecological effects of the lithium boom.

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Plakat Filmreihe Sommersemester 24

About the film series

Who owns what and why? Property is omnipresent and yet its complexity is often overlooked. What does it mean when a few inherit a lot and many inherit nothing? When private investors become owners of care homes and sharing economies promise new profits? When precarious employment increases while others can live off their assets? When residential property becomes an object of speculation, property bubbles burst and new movements fight for common goods?

'Property in Focus' is a film series by the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 294 'Structural Change of Property' that brings this complexity to the screen. The film selection, commented on by researchers from the CRC, focuses on conflicts over property, current dynamics of change and possible alternatives to property-based systems.

The film series is a cooperation project with the Kino am Markt cinema in Jena, which is also responsible for ticket sales.