“De-Privatizing Municipal Services and Public Infrastructures: Instituting the Urban Commonfare?“

Silke van Dyk and Markus Kip organise and moderate three panels at the conference "Ordinariy Cities in Exceptional Times".

New podcast episode “Appropriate“

In the fifth episode of our podcast Eduardo Relly talks with Petra Gümplová about "Blood Oil Commodities".

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The Economics of Gender in China

Sisi Sung's dissertation (published by Routledge) is now available via open access.

New podcast episodes of the SFB-podcast appropriate online

The three new episodes are a mini-series about the topic of social property.

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„Die Super League ist noch nicht vom Tisch“

Mike Geppert was interviewed by the Börsenzeitung on ownership in European football.

„Access to Labor and Leisure in Cars: Early Black Motorists’ Automotivity in Miami“

Helen Gibson has published a new article.

Diskursᶟ – „Sharing is Caring – Ist Teilen das neue Haben?“

Henrike Katzer lectures in Jena on the topic of car sharing.

„Im Schatten des Commons: Soziales Kapital, Umwelt und die Deutsche Auswanderung im Südbrasilien“

Eduardo Relly has published a new book in Brazil (in Portuguese).

Der Streit um das Wohnen

Eine Interviewreihe anlässlich des Berliner Volksentscheids, veröffentlicht von Teilprojekt A07 im Online-Magazin Soziopolis.

launch of first podcast episode of the new sfb podcast

The first podcast episode is now available. The topic of the episode is conflicts around sustainable mobility.

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Teilen als Alternative – zu was? Teil 1: Ambivalenzen der Sharing Economy am Beispiel von Autos

A new blogpost (in German) is online. Author: Christoph Henning.

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The start of the semester is coming up!

The programme for the semester kick-off is online now.

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Transferforum: Konflikte um nachhaltige Mobilität – Perspektiven aus Klimabewegung, Gewerkschaft und Betrieb

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Unfassbar geistloses Eigentum

Marlen van den Ecker schreibt über die digitalen Spekulationsobjekte „NFTs“ und Probleme des geistigen Eigentums. Click here for the article.

Race and Propertization

The conference report on the workshop "Race and Propertization" from 18.11.2021-19.11.2021 in Erfurt has been published on HSK.

"Omnipotence and powerlessness - our digital attitude to life."

Speaker Hartmut Rosa as a guest of Richard David Precht. One of the questions discussed was: Does digital technology make us more free and powerful or more dependent? Click here for the contribution.

„Academic piracy. Researchers and students sometimes take illicit paths to access scientific texts“

A new blogpost by Georg Fischer is online.

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„How the transition to Open Access is changing scientific publishing“

A new blogpost by Deputy speaker Tilman Reitz is online.

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Jörg Rüpke receives honorary doctorate from Karl Franzens University Graz

On 27 October 2021, Jörg Rüpke was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Graz.

"We need a new form of society. The old programme has been exhausted."

Speaker Hartmut Rosa in Spiegel on a new centre and the way out of the frenzied standstill of late modernity (Paywall)

"Who owns the wind?"

Deputy Speaker Tilman Reitz in conversation with the FAZ

„Die untere Hälfte besitzt nichts“

Silke van Dyk interviewed by taz. Social inequality is on the rise in Germany and is solidified by current ownership structures.

The structure of the SFB explained

Historical perspectives, current conflicts, and alternatives to current property relations. Tilman Reitz in an interview with Neues Deutschland.

Science and practice as dialog

How can we think (social) science and practical experience together?

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"Property is resilient like the Alps"

Lively discussion about Gunnar Folke Schupperts book "Eigentum neu denken. Ein Rechtsinstitut zwischen Wandel und Resilienz"

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Inauguration event: Bringing the topic of property back into sociology

Academics and practitioners exchanged ideas on the topic of property at the inaugural event on July 8 and 9.

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New SFB-offices in Jena

After extensive renovations, the Jena employees are finally moving in! You can now find us on the 23rd floor of the Jentower.