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Discussion on the occasion of the publication of the translation of Daniel Loick's book "Abuse of Property". In addition to Daniel Loick, Brenna Bhandar and Jacob Blumenfeld (moderator) are participating in the discussion. The translation is by Jacob Blumenfeld.

Date30.09.23 08:00 p.m.
The event will be streamed via Youtube

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New publication

Tilo Wesche has published a new book “Die Rechte der Natur. Vom nachhaltigen Eigentum” with Suhrkamp Verlag. Nature is increasingly being granted its own rights by parliaments, governments and courts worldwide. What is the truth about the rights of nature? Can this legal practice contribute to overcoming climate change? How can such rights be justified? And how can they be applied? Tilo Wesche deals with these and other questions.

A book launch is being planned.

Event information: Workshop “Contested Property”

This one-day workshop will address contemporary property conflicts from a variety of sociological, political, and legal perspectives, each highlighting a different aspect of contemporary property as a contested social relation. All members of the SFB294 are cordially invited.

For further information on the event and registration (by 03.10.2023), please see the following flyer.

New publication

Steffen Liebig, Klaus Dörre and Kim Lucht together with Carsten Büchling, have published an article on “Innovation durch Mitbestimmung – auch in der Transformation?” in the monthly magazine

The SFB in the media

Silke van Dyk was a guest on the podcast "Politisches Feuilleton" on Deutschlandfunk Kultur and spoke about the topic "Aging Society - Life as a Privilege and the Expropriation at the End of Life". Please see here.

The SFB in the media

Carsten Herrmann-Pillath has published a guest article in the Frankfurter Rundschau on “Klimafonds: Hilfe für arme Staaten”. He talks about climate change, which will be the central challenge for national and international economic policy in the coming decades.

New podcast episode Appropriate

The new episode features a conversation between Robin Saalfeld and Lisa Adkins about residential property, couples, and new logics of inequality in the asset economy.

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In discussion with Solomon Benjamin

Solomon Benjamin Mercator Fellow of the SFB in June an Juli 2023. We talked to him about forms of ownership in the city and his research within the SFB.

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The SFB in media

Florian Peters was interviewed by Prof. Dr. Felix Wemheuer about his book “Von Solidarność zur Schocktherapie. Wie der Kapitalismus nach Polen kam.” interviewed. The interview is available via Youtube.

The SFB in the media

Felix Krämer was a guest on the hsozkult-Podcast on the topic of “Racial Capitalism”. The concept of “Racial Capitalism” is an attempt to understand the history of capitalism also as a history of racially structured inequality - not only, but especially in the USA.

The SFB in the media

In the current episode of aspekte “Was für ein Verhältnis zur Natur brauchen wir?”, Tilo Wesche argues that nature should be granted or guaranteed the rights of a legal subject. His new book on the rights of nature (“Die Rechte der Natur. Vom nachhaltigen Eigentum”) will be published by Suhrkamp Verlag.

New podcast episode Appropriate

In the new episode, a conversation with Vera Smirnova discusses the topic of property and territory from a Russian perspective.

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International annual conference “Conflicts over Property”

The current programme of the annual conference, as well as the registration are now online.

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Conference presentation

Petra Gümplova gives a presentation “Governing global commons for global public good” at the conference “Braga Meetings on Ethics and Political Philosophy” (15-16.06.23), in the panel “Under extreme circumstances. Historical and normative perspectives on the public interest in times of emergency”.

Solomon Benjamin as guest at SFB

The SFB welcomes Solomon Benjamin to his Mercator Fellowship. In the next few days, two events will take place as part of this fellowship. On 13 June, a methods workshop will be held with him (in Erfurt) and on 20 June, a Brown Bag Lecture (in Jena) will be held with him. Furthermore, he will participate in the colloquium programme in the coming weeks.

The SFB in the media

Marlen van den Ecker was a guest on the Tagesschau Zukunfts podcast “Leben im Metaverse? Was dann?”. In the podcast episode, a thought experiment is conducted in which the possibilities, but also the problems of the metaverse are presented.

In discussion with Cecilia Rikap

Cecilia Rikap was a guest at the SFB as a Mercator Fellow. We talked to her about property and her research.

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Lecture: “Crisis and Consciousness in Communicative Capitalism”

As part of the Marxist Labour Week anniversary, Jodi Dean will give a talk on 23.05.2023 (06:00 p.m.) in which she will talk about the systemic crisis of capitalism. The event will be held in English. For more information, please see the flyer.

The SFB in the media

Carsten Herrmann-Pillath has published a guest article in the Frankfurter Rundschau on “Nutzen wir die Freiheit”. He argues that a productivity boost through AI opens up the opportunity to realise an unconditional basic income for all.


Event report

The conference report on the event “Transformations of Property in Post-Socialist Eastern Europe: Reconfigurations of Ownership and Alternatives to Private Property” by subproject B07 has been published on H-Soz-Kult and is available under the following link.

Job advertisement

In the subproject B04, there is a vacancy for a research assistant for a limited period of 6 months from 01.07.2023. The application deadline is 14.05.2023. For further information, please see the following link.

Cecilia Rikap as guest at SFB

The SFB welcomes Cecilia Rikap for her Fellowship. In the next few days, two events will take place within the framework of this fellowship. On 02 May a training workshop will take place with her and on 05 May she will give a guest lecture. She will also participate in the colloquium programme this week.

The SFB in the media

Marlen van den Ecker was a guest at the Weizenbaum Forum of the Weizenbaum Institute as an expert on intellectual property, on the topic: Beyond Reality - Metaverse and the Platform Society. In the podcast, the following questions, among others, are clarified: What is the metaverse all about? What are the effects of the metaverse on society, democracy, the rule of law and the economy.

Call for Papers

For the workshop “Property and Property Policies in the German Empire and the Weimar Republic” by TP A04.
For information on the guiding questions of the workshop, as well as on how to submit abstracts, please see the following link.

Deadline: 30.04.2023