Areas of Knowledge Transfer

The aim of the transfer areas

The Collaborative Research Centre serves not just to transfer and communicate concepts, methods and findings between different academic disciplines, we also carry over this model of dialogue to interaction with a broader non-academic public. We follow a model of public sociology based upon the principle that knowledge in the social sciences is the result of interaction and dialogue between intellectuals and experts from different areas of society. This is an understanding of public research which extends beyond the unilateral transfer of academic findings into society.

We are creating spaces for the co-production of knowledge that connect non-academic expertise together with the project and which make our empirical findings and conceptual clarifications available in the quest to solve urgent practical questions. To this end, we have established a regular forum for the participation (according to area) of experts from politics, legal institutions, business associations, trade unions, environmental and consumer protection, the church and the media.

Overview of the transfer areas

In the first funding phase, there are five transfer areas, each of which addresses a topic of high socio-political relevance.