Dr. Sebastian Schwecke

Sebastian Schwecke is director, Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies, Delhi.

Research interests:

  • History and anthropology of markets
  • Property
  • Credit/debt
  • Speculation and gambling
  • Extra-legality
  • Uncertainty, trust, hope, calculability
  • Renegotiations of obligations
  • Labour relations, skill


A picture of Dr. Sebastian Schwecke.


  • Schwecke, Sebastian (2021): Debt, Trust, and Reputation. Extra-legal Finance in Northern India. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Gandhi, Ajay; Harriss-White, Haynes, Douglas E.; Schwecke, Sebastian (Eds) (2020): Rethinking Markets in Modern India. Contested Jurisdiction and Embedded Exchange. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.