Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosa

Hartmut Rosa is Spokesperson of the SFB.

A picture of Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosa.



  • Rosa, Hartmut (2023a): “Property as the Modern Form of Weltbeziehung: Reflections on the structural change of possessive forms of relating to the world”, In: Hollstein; B., Rosa, H.; Rüpke, J. (Eds.): “Weltbeziehung” The Study of our Relationship to the World, Frankfurt / New York: Campus, 19-35.
  • Rosa, Hartmut (2023b): “Resonance As a Medio-Passive, Emancipatory and Transformative Power: A Reply to My Critics”; In: The Journal of Chinese Sociology; Jg. 10; DOI: 10.1186/s40711-023-00195-4
  • Reckwitz, Andreas; Rosa, Hartmut (2021): Spätmoderne in der Krise. Was leistet die Gesellschaftstheorie?, Berlin: Suhrkamp.